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Property Management

A valued and important part of our business

Communication and “Maximum Management”



Our experience over the past 25 years has shown the measure of superior Property Management is effective communication by us, the Agent, to you – our client. A well-managed investment can offer many advantages, including income and capital growth. Our Property Management team knows how to improve the yield from your investment.



Some clients prefer to leave everything to the Agent while others prefer a more hands on approach. Our concept of “Maximum Management” is to personally tailor a service program, which suits all your needs and expectations.



At Wyatt Realty we can expertly manage and oversee all facets of your property or if you prefer a find only tenant – the decision is yours. We offer a personalised service and manage Residential, Commercial and Retail properties.




Wyatt Realty is a boutique agency with a small rental portfolio. We have more time to look after your property.




We can have your property advertised on the internet immediately following our initial consultation.  Our marketing strategies include:

– Internet websites, with colour photographs, providing effective worldwide marketing.

– Signage, subject to approval.

– Newspaper advertising.

– Walk through video presentations.Property Video

– Access to our database of prospective tenants.

– Window display at our high profile office.

– We show your property 7 days a week inside and out of office hours.

– We inform major re-location companies about properties which we know will interest them.


Comprehensive Background Checks on Prospective Tenants

All prospective tenants are qualified.  Their “bona-fides” will be checked thoroughly.  After 25 years in real estate, Susan Wyatt knows the traps!  We will obtain their current photo ID, thoroughly check employment and rental history.



Prospective tenants are personally escorted to your property by a Property Management representative.  We NEVER hand out keys.


Payment of all Outgoings

We can pay your bills too – Council, Water, Strata levies, tradespeople, insurance etc can be paid from rent collected – for your convenience.

Rent Collection

We endeavour to have your tenants pay rent by direct deposit via their nominated bank so they, and we acting on your behalf, can ensure the rent is paid on time.

Arrears Control

An area where we must be continually vigilant.  Our system means that a tenant only 3 days behind in rental payments will be contacted and reminded to pay.  If this has not been paid within the time period, they will be served with a Termination Notice instructing them to vacate the premises and pay all rent due.


Routine Inspections

A routine inspection of the property will be carried out at least annually which details the condition of the property and identifies any maintenance that may be required.  A report will be sent to you following each inspection.


Attending to Repairs

One of the major concerns for many real estate investors is property maintenance.  Our Agency can either attend to all maintenance matters or owners can manage their own property maintenance requirements.  We have an extensive list of highly competent and competitively priced tradespeople in place to handle all manner of repairs or maintenance.  With your authority, we will tend to all repairs immediately.  With larger works or renovations, we will obtain quotes for your approval.


Monthly Statement/Funds Banked

At the end of the month, all monies held, unless instructed otherwise, will be banked into your nominated account.  A statement will be issued at the same time listing all credits, bills and outgoings with invoices attached.


End of Year Financial Statement

We can issue an End of Year Financial Statement for your Accountant, if requested.


Bi-annual Rental Reviews

We continually look at ways of increasing the return on your investment through rent reviews.


Residential Tenancies Tribunal

Resolution is always our first preference but, in some cases, tribunal hearings are sometimes unavoidable.  We spend considerable time compiling documentation and evidence, and run through the case in our office in advance to ensure we are fully prepared.


Saving You Money

From the day your tenant gives us notice to vacate – we will be looking for a new tenant – we don’t wait until your tenant leaves!

Vacating Inspections

We carry out a rigorous final inspection of the property when the tenant vacates.



We highly recommend Landlord Protection Insurance.  We would advise that you talk to your insurance provider to arrange insurance.


Wyatt Realty is small boutique agency. We have more time to look after YOUR property.