What We Do For You

Prior To Campaign Commencing


  • Liaise with your solicitor to obtain the Contract for Sale legally required before marketing your property.


  • Arrange additional copies of the Contract for Sale for purchasers.


  • Contact the Council and Water Board to confirm outgoings.


  • If a house, confirm with local Council for development potential.


  • If a unit, clarity with Strata Manager recent improvements etc. to your building.


  • Arrange photographer to gain access to the property.


  • Arrange for aerial photographer if required.


  • Prepare advertisements/articles for newspapers, internet and editorials.


  • Our Public Relations Officer will write and submit advertisements to the Wentworth Courier, wyattrealty.com.au and Domain.


  • Arrange for sign to be erected prior to commencement of marketing campaign (if applicable).


  • Arrange for access so floor plan can be completed (if applicable).


  • Book our professional Auctioneer and venue (if applicable).


  • Contact tenants (if applicable) so arrangements can be made for inspections or confirm inspection times with you.


  • Contact all prospective purchasers form our extensive database list.


  • Deliver 500 “Invitation to Open Inspections” notices to properties surrounding your property (if applicable).


  • If cleaner, trades people, rubbish remonalists or acess for any others is necessary, we will be there for them.


  • If required, arrange for rental of furniture to assist with presentation.

During The Marketing Campaign




  • I undertake to provide you with copies of all advertising.


  • Contact all clients who have inspected your property every week to obtain their thoughts on the property and to help with any of their concerns.


  • To report to you weekly on prospective purchaser comments.


  • Introduce clients to your property at open inspections or through individual inspections.


  • Help clients with finance through banks and mortgage brokers.


  • Arrange appointments for building inspections, pre mortgage approval inspections etc. for prospective purchasers.


  • Liaise with purchasers solicitor should they have any queries in relation to the purchase of your property.


  • Arrange for our Property Manger to inspect the property and provide a rental appraisal should the purchase be an investor.


  • Arrange for and Architect to provide recommendations for your purchaser, if requested.

After We Sell Your Property



  • Arrange for Contracts for Sale to be delivered to your solicitors.


  • Arrange for the purchaser to have a final inspection of the property before settlement, if requested.


  • Arrange for investment of the deposit so you can obtain interest if requested by your Solicitor in the Contract for Sale.


  • Obtain the tax file numbers from you and your purchasers so we can avoid paying upfront tax on you investment.


  • Arrange for inspections, if requested, so purchasers can obtain quotes for renovations etc. if convenient to you.


  • Arrange for the sign to be removed, if applicable.


  • Should you wish to re-purchase in our area I would be pleased to assist you in finding a new property.


  • Should you purchase form another Agent in our area, I would be pleased to assist you in assessing the market price of a property.